Wildlife Photography

Wildlife PhotographyAnother incredibly transformative form of photography and one that evokes very strong emotions among the populations of the world is wildlife photography.

Where would the world be without the widely disseminated photos of the “I has a cheeseburger” cat?

All kidding aside, the ability to evoke a reaction from people whether negative or positive has little equal then the wildlife photos that show animals in cute poses or in mortal danger or suffering.

Photos of animals in various forms have led to a wide variety of different movements over the decades and the ability to play on the emotions of humans to join a campaign or to donate money for a certain cause would be much more limited without the ability to reproduce those images on a wide scale.

The images of cats and dogs suffering indignities widely spread over the internet have exploded the coffers of organizations that help to alleviate the suffering of these types of domestic animals like the Humane Society and the SPCA and others.

Similarly, organizations like PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would have nowhere near the power or base of supporters without the ability to transmit images of animal suffering brought on by the factory farming practices in place today and the use of animals for medical or cosmetic experiments.

There are also other organizations that would simply not exist were it not for the use of wildlife photography.

Would anyone be interested in the National Geographic Society if they had to use words to describe the beauty of the tigers in Nepal or the gorillas in Uganda or other lowland parts of the Dark Continent of Africa?

One would have to say the answer would be a resounding and emphatic no.

The beauty of the natural world has been laid bare for the entire world to see because of the advent of wildlife photography.