What Is Photography?

What Is PhotographyMany people are familiar with the concept of photography, especially since they all have a camera these days, particularly since virtually every modern mobile phone is equipped with a digital camera. Gone are the days when we had to go and buy a camera if we wanted to take pictures. This resulted in some people who knew nothing about cameras clicking shoddy pictures, and giving up taking photos altogether. Now, what exactly is photography?

Now if we are referring to analogue photography, then it is a procedure that by means of things such as light and chemical substances, allows the obtaining of permanent optical images of one or several objects and the capture of such images permanently, on a material like a type of specially made paper. Other definitions can also include: Photography has been invented in order to keep something of the present or the past, into the future. Also for observational purposes in order to notice changes, which would be a sort of scientific application. It can also be said that photography can be proof of something that has happened. Also, photography can be used to preserve memories and so on.

Digital photographs are also images, that are digitized, without using any kind of chemical elements in the process, with light still the most important factor. This process of digitization involves transforming the initial image into a specific number of pixels (each pixel corresponds to a color and place in every image) and storing them in the form of binary numbers that can be read by other digital devices. Digital photographs are mostly stored in graphic formats that allow them to be saved properly, that is, with its appropriate size as well as colors, so that they do not lose in quality. Some of the common photographic formats are JPEG, BMP etc.