Photography and the Record of History

Photography and the Record of HistoryThroughout history, humans have been known to make use of different tools to keep records of their passage through this world, and certain events that were considered important in the history of mankind. The discovery of photography and all the technological advancements that have taken place over the years, allowed people, years later, to gain some insight or at least have certain notions about events that occurred long before they were even born. This has also significantly affected societies around the world, given that it is easier to understand the present state of a culture or a nation if one can understand its past as well.

It is through photography, journalism and literature that people are aware of the many atrocities committed by humans against other species or even against their own species, often resorting to stupid arguments and ideologies related to ideas of white supremacy, religion and obsolete concepts which, unfortunately, can still be witnessed in present day societies. With the advancement in technology, photography has come to be a resource or tool available to virtually everyone, allowing each person who has a mobile device to capture images and keep or store them forever to cherish memories. Similarly, the rise of online media, social networks like Facebook, Instagram and others has made image sharing with people from all over the world possible, in an instantaneous and public manner.

It is also worth noting that, besides being used for historical and banal purposes, photography has proven to be very advantageous to make way in scientific fields like medicine, astrophysics, microbiology and more. Another important fact about photography is that it has even managed to establish itself as an art form. Many images taken by professional and/or amateur photographers are often displayed in prestigious exhibitions and top museums all over the world.