Photography and Society

As mentioned in the previous post, photography has established itself as an art form. Currently, photography is synonym with the ways of expression, communication and information. Photography can be seen everywhere; newspapers, in magazines, in advertisements. For

Photography and the Record of History

Throughout history, humans have been known to make use of different tools to keep records of their passage through this world, and certain events that were considered important in the history of mankind. The discovery of photography

What Is Photography?

Many people are familiar with the concept of photography, especially since they all have a camera these days, particularly since virtually every modern mobile phone is equipped with a digital camera. Gone are the days when we

Photography in Literature

Every photograph tells a story and often, stories also contain photographs, images etc. Photographic metaphors, frames of the camera determine the points of view. All these elements have a lot to do with narrative methods. In the

Photography and Incident Light in Films

Incident light is the ray of light that reaches the surface of an object. The light returned by that object is the reflected light. To measure the incident light in photography, it is necessary to place a

Wildlife Photography

Another incredibly transformative form of photography and one that evokes very strong emotions among the populations of the world is wildlife photography. Where would the world be without the widely disseminated photos of the “I has a

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is described as the process of taking pictures of the world around us in all of its wonder and glory. From pictures of sunlight blasting through a tree lined hilltop or the waves sweeping over

The History of Photography

Photography is a medium that has changed the course of the world in a way that few if any ever have or will again. The ability to record visual images of the evolution of human nature and